It can be extremely difficult for parents to successfully manage their child’s exposure and attitude towards drugs and alcohol. Oftentimes the disparities in perspective between the parent and young adult can lead to a strained relationship, secrecy, miscommunication, and/or a loss of trust. Youth Prevention Mentors was founded to bridge this communication gap and provide support and guidance to both parents and young adults while they navigate this charged topic during a critical time.

Ideally, we work with families to intervene before parental authority is wrestled away by the pull of peer groups. Our mentorship program provides an important “positive peer pressure;” cool and experienced peers that can share their experience and provide an alternative to the messaging in a young adult’s peer group.

Through the Youth Prevention and Mentorship services and the whole-family focused Deviation Mitigation and Family Support Program, our primary goals are always prevention and risk mitigation. Having done the daunting heavy lifting that it takes to usher a young adult from the maws of addiction to sustained sobriety, we often find ourselves thinking “I wish I knew this kid when they were 13; so much could have been spared.” Well, that is why we’re here, to help steer young adults out of danger early so we are not meeting them years later, deep in the abyss of addiction.

Meet the Team

Maks Ezrin
Co-founder, Youth Mentor

Founder Maks Ezrin had his own experience with early addiction. He was born and raised in New York City and, as a child, enjoyed everything the city had to offer. He attended the best schools, maintained a rigorous course load and had the support of a loving family and enjoyed a wide and varied social circle.

Despite these advantages, by age 14, Maks began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. His substance dependence worsened during college, eventually leading to a near fatal overdose in his mid-20s.

Through the help of friends and family, Maks has been sober since 2016. Recognizing the importance of early detection and the support of sober mentors, he dedicated himself to giving back and helping other young pre-addicts.

His experience propelled him to connect with leaders in the field of addiction to raise awareness for the ‘silent problem’ that most families don’t notice until it is too late.   Together with Natasha Silverbell, an internationally recognized figure in the field of recovery, and Dr. Rami Kaminski, a renowned pioneer in the psychiatric field, Youth Prevention Mentors was founded.

Through their collective expertise, our leadership team is skilled at identifying the dangers of peer influence and how it can lead to addictive behavior.  Prevention is the centerpiece of our innovative approach to intervention and treatment.

  • Recovery Coach Certified through CARC and CCAR.
  • Trained and studied under Dr. Louise Stanger, LCSW, CSAT-1, CDWF, CIP
  • Trained and studied under Dr. Rami Kaminski MD.
  • Candidate for Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from University of Pennsylvania.
Natasha Silver Bell
Co-Founder, Family/Parent Coach

Natasha Silver Bell is a mother of three teenagers in the New York City private school system.

Natasha is a certified CARC, OASAS, CCAR, Recovery Coach and Recovery Coach Trainer based in London, New York, and Los Angeles. Natasha founded SilverBell Coaching, a non-clinical, fully customizable approach to recovery, specializing in difficult cases where clients have tried other methods without long-term success, in 2010. Through SilverBell Coaching, Natasha creates customized recovery programs, overseeing a dynamic team of more than 150 coaches and professionals.

Natasha is active with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, and is an advocate for addiction recovery groups that are focused on drug and alcohol education and prevention for parents. Natasha herself is a survivor of substance and alcohol abuse and began using in her teenage years. Since entering recovery in her late 20s, it has been her life’s calling—and passion—to help educate parents on awareness and prevention.

“Since 90% of addiction begins in the teenage years, early intervention and prevention is the key is to mitigating any harmful behavior from setting into becoming a full-blown addiction.”

In addition to SilverBell Coaching and Youth Prevention Mentors, Natasha is also the co-founder of Due North Quest, a fully customizable and intensive program designed to provide young men in search of direction with a Navy Seal-led, highly-structured, eye-opening and life-changing experience on what does it mean to be a man today.


  • Recovery coach certified through CARC, CCAR, OASAS and Recovery Coach Trainer
  • Life Coach Training through the Ben Dean, Ph. D Mentor Coach program
  • International Coaching Federation Member
  • International Positive Psychology Association Member
Dr. Rami Kaminski MD
Partner, Psychiatrist

Dr. Rami Kaminski MD is a world-renowned psychiatrist with over 35 years of experience working with world leaders, top professionals and thousands of people from all walks of life.

With a deeply humanistic approach, a rare healing gift and a unique perspective on the human condition, Dr. Kaminski is a true pioneer in the psychiatric field. His work has been lauded by the numerous people whom he has helped and the many health professionals with whom he has collaborated.

Following years of serving in every facet of psychiatry – from academic and research work, through clinical, government, and public service – Dr. Kaminski is the founder and director of THE INSTITUTE FOR INTEGRATIVE PSYCHIATRY in New York City. TIIPS is a ground-breaking non-for-profit institute dedicated to optimizing available treatments in medicine and psychiatry.

Over the past 10 years, with the emergence of a major international crisis of drugs and alcohol addiction, Dr. Kaminski has increasingly dedicated a substantial part of his clinical work to devising and implementing an innovative method to healing those with serious addictions. He has successfully worked behind the scenes with many celebrities who are in the constant public eye, helping them to overcome their predicament. In 2018, Dr. Kaminski founded THE F.A.M.E. INSTITUTE in response to the need for early detection of and intervention in the unique mental health problems of those who are catapulted into fame. Working with a great team of scientists and statisticians at the FAME Institute Dr. Kaminski has been developing a proprietary method called The FAME Scale, which allows for a scientifically controlled and measurable way to predict an individual’s ability to handle success and fame.

In the 1990s, while working at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, he made several groundbreaking discoveries in brain research– most notably the role of histamine in degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, Multiple Sclerosis and Schizophrenia. Dr. Kaminski was awarded 11 international patents in recognition of his scientific work. A sought after public speaker, Dr. Kaminski gives lectures, talks and seminars in public and academic forums worldwide. His topics of expertise range from Schizophrenia, Depression and Brain Degenerative Disorders to stress-management and the understanding of integrative approaches to psychiatric issues.

Throughout his career, Dr. Kaminski has been a leader in advocacy groups for people with mental illness. In 1996 Dr. Kaminski was offered the position of Medical Director for Operations and Commissioner Liaison to families at the New York State Office of Mental Health. In this capacity, Dr. Kaminski served as a special advisor to the Commissioner of Mental Health in New York State. He advised the commissioner and legislature on wide-ranging topics involving mental health issues. He also created and promoted award-winning community programs including the famed “Second Chance” program: This program, the recipient of many awards, is now in effect not only in New York States and other States in the US but also internationally in places such as Argentina and Pakistan. Dr. Kaminski has been invited to speak and consult about his community programs all over the world and was awarded the Outstanding Treatment Initiative Award in 2002 in recognition of the program’s success. During the 9/11 attacks on NYC, Dr. Kaminski, through his NYS government position, was one of the major organizers of the mental health response to the disaster.

A recipient of many awards, Dr. Kaminski was awarded the “Exemplary Psychiatrist Award” from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, the “Physician of the Year” award from the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, and the “Charles E. Colt Excellence in Service” award. In recognition of his Excellence in Teaching as the Director of Medical Students Education in Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Kaminski was inducted into the Medical Honor Society Alpha Omega Alpha.

Our Youth Mentors

Many of our team members have their own unique narratives with the life changing drawbacks caused by substance abuse. Their own experiences greatly contribute towards improving the quality and purpose in the overall presence of our clients lives. Consequently our adept mentors are always strengthening their broad understanding of the risks and entanglements associated with being a young adult in today’s world.